photo by Dave McLaughlin

photo by Dave McLaughlin

I'm a husband and father first, and everything else second.  I like playing just about any kind of sport my body will let me play… soccer, softball, racquetball, basketball, etc. I have a hard time sitting still for very long. My favorite movie is probably Top Gun. Yes I, I admit it, Top Gun. Frankly, these days I don't slow down enough to watch an entire movie. 

I love taking pictures, most of all I love weddings! Why weddings? That's another page!

I love photographing landscapes, my kids, other kids, walls, flowers, and sunsets. Pretty much anything. I also like playing with my phone and Instagram. If you really want to know more about me here is my personal Facebook page and finally my photography Facebook page. 

There's a lot more to me than that. So, shoot me an email and we can get together and talk weddings, sports or even Top Gun. That's kind of sport, right? 

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