Tee Ball | Sean Wray | Child Phototgraphy

I am a pretty big sports nut. I like to watch them and I like to play them. Softball is one of my favorites to play. I think baseball has always been my favorite. I remember being the back yard with my mom, who was a great softball player, learning to throw and catch. I remember my first little league uniform. I remember being scared to go out on the field when I was little. I remember watching my brother play, I remember mom in he stands. I also remember how much fun I had. 

My son is 5 and started playing tee ball this year. It brings all those memories back. Baseball is a great game, even tee ball. I love shooting sports, even tee ball. I can't decide if it's more like The Sand Lot or more like The Bad News Bears. Watching these kids learn to play is pretty cool!  

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