Christine and Dominic | Private Wedding | Wimberly Tx

When Christine and I met, I think we talked for about two hours. She told me about being in love and being married and having kids and how all of that can sometimes be work. While it is work though, it's the best work in the world. We talked about her relationship with Dominic and their history over the past years. We talked about how as we get older we tend to appreciate people and life in a different way. We talked about how now, both Christine and Dominic, have grown and have a new understanding and outlook on marriage, love and life. We talked about how blessed they are to have each other and their friends and family. 

I've heard it said, "Life happens". Life happened to Christine and Dominic. See, Christine and Dominic had already been married. However, for many reasons, they had decided, that it just wasn't right. So they separated (insert sad face). Wait! There is a happy ending. With the support of the friends and family, much sole searching for both of them, and their new outlook they found their way back to each other. This celebration was held to honor just that. So, this was much more than a renewal of vows, it was their new marriage. A new start. A new chapter in their journey through life.

I feel humbled, proud and blessed that I was able to be a part of their new beginning.

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