Appreciate The Moment | Sean Wray | Family Photos

I always like it when Christmas is getting close. During the Christmas season, I think I take a little bit more time to just enjoy the moment. Today was a good example. Wendy has worked really hard for the last week making our house look awesome for the holidays. The kids and I help where we can, but she does most of it. Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas. For me, today was a good day. This morning, the kids and Wendy finished up tree #2. We put up more of the Christmas garland and yard decorations outside. The kids 'helped' some, but they tend to lose interest pretty quickly. They rode bikes, colored, built stuff with Tinkertoys and took some of their own pictures. It's always a special day when they want to take pictures. I especially like that. Don't get me wrong though, it wasn't all roses. Wendy and I had to play referee with the kids a few times. Having the bedrooms clean before bed was on the list today too. That's always fun. For me though, today was a good one. Being a dad and having a family is the best, especially around the holidays. After a long year, it seems I'm appreciating them and our life a little bit more. I have lots to be thankful for.

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