Ginger Leigh | Live at Strange Brew | Austin Tx

In the personal category, the other night I made it out to a live music show. I know, I'm in Austin. What's so special about that? I rarely go see live music. If I'm not playing sports I'm usually home. Anyway, before I made it to one of Ginger's shows I had the chance to meet and sit and talk with her at a party. We mostly talked about photography. Pretty cool. For me, anyone that will sit and listen to me talk about wedding photography, Instagram, and shooting film 'back in the old days', is ok in my book. Since talking to her at the party, we connected on Facebook and I saw she was playing a show, that just happened to be on my way home from a photo shoot. So I decided to call a buddy and stop by. We went in and sat with some of our friends that were near the front and I was blown away! Usually I wouldn't write, or even take pictures at a live show. But I found her music, her performance and her vocals to be so awesome that I wanted to take some pictures. I like taking pictures of things I like. So I went back out to the car and grabbed my camera and took a few shots. I htink they look pretty cool so I thought I would share them with you.

Ginger just came out with a new CD and I am for sure going to buy it! You should check it out too, she has some awesome stuff, even a song in Italian. Be sure to visit her website too.

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