The Kids | Port Au Prince, Haiti

Thank you to everybody that gave money to support the trip. I am grateful for the opportunity and to have so many people who supported me. You helped pay for tile work at one of the orphanages, you payed for some ceiling fans to go in the guest house and most of all you got me there so that I could love on some little kids that need it. Oh yeah, and take some pictures along the way.

I went to Haiti on a mission trip! My wife Wendy, was on Facebook and mentioned that a friend of hers was putting together a mission trip to Haiti and she needed photographer.  She said, "Hey, do you want to go to Haiti to take pictures?" I said, "Really? Should I? Why not?" Long story short, I raised enough money with the help of my very generous friends and went to Haiti. I saw A LOT of eye opening stuff. I have a different outlook on some things now but more about that in later posts. Our main objective on this trip was to minister to some of the children living in orphanages. We just wanted to put a smile on their face and let them know that they are loved, even by people they don't know. Let them know that we care.  

I learned that no matter where you go kids are kids. Compared to how we live here, these kids live in some pretty bad conditions. Some of them don't have clean running water, air conditioning, grass to play on, indoor plumbing for toilets, etc. In Port Au Prince, at least while I was there, the air in the city was very polluted and hard to breathe. Many of the kids did not have their mom or dad there to hold them. Despite all of that, kids are kids. They just want someone to spend time with them and give them the attention and affection that they truly need. Even though we had a language barrier, we laughed, smiled, danced, sang songs, sat, colored, just sat some more, listened to music, played with stickers, balloons and soccer balls. Most of all we made friends and had some smiles.

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