Family Portrait Session | Sneak Peak | Austin Texas

Ok, yes, another sneak peak! I love this because so many times the family sessions become more about the kids than the parents. As a parent, I totally get it. We always want pictures of our kids growing up. Memories of when they were little, or how they have matured. 90% of all my family sessions are booked by the wife/mother and I don't think any of them come into a family session thinking "I hope i get some good pictures of me and my husband". It's almost always about mom wanting some good pictures of the kids. Most of time that's what they focus on during the shoot as well. I love this moment, because it's about mom and dad. Look how happy they are! They're kids get to see it too and I just love that. I'm pretty happy I was able to catch this one! This could be from an engagement session. Hint. Their 10-year anniversary is right around the corner!

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